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  • Vedic
  • 19 Years
  • Hindi,English
  • ₹ 20.00/pc

Know About Me

Aachrya Umashankar is well known and celebrity astrologer he has done shiksha shastri , aacharya jyotish ganit, aacharya jyotish falit, sahityacharya, dharmshastra , M.A. in english And sagun Shastra ( SWAPAN SHASTRA ) .He is awarded with jyotish ratna ,jyotish bhusan The occult sciences have fascinated him since childhood. He has great faith in it. Having tried his talent in it on family and friends, he was amazed to see the accuracy with which he could predict the future. After a series of successful predictions, he decided to make it his profession.He is focused on providing consultation services with the highest level of customer satisfaction –According to him I will do everything I can to meet your expectations. It is the best guiding tool for career, relationships, marriage, education, litigation, finance,health, job, business etc. My objective with my clients is to transform their lives to the greatest potential and give them the tools to be all that they are capable of becoming.My predictions have changed the future of many people for the better. I specialise in Vedic astrology. I cater to both national and international clients. My mission is to counsel my clients about what suits their destiny the best using the divine science called astrology.

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