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Frequently Questions

1. Make the payment for the choosen amount.

2. Select an astrologer . you can use the filter button to find astrologer of your choice using rating , price and language of your choice.

3. click on call now and you will receive a call from your selected astrologer !

Please note : If the phone icon is RED,The Astrologer is already BUSY on another call . If the phone icon is GREEN, the astrologer is online and available to talk to you.

you can use the app in 3 easy steps

Depending on the science that an astrologer is using ,an astrologer can study your birth chart and tell you that likely outcome or course of action that you can take based on this . How ever each person still has free will available to them and can make a decision accordingly. Tarot Reader will use Tarot Card and energies instead of the birth chart , and numerologists will rely on number related to your date of birth to provide guidance.

Please note this is not an replacement attention that requires medical or professional attention . people suffering from depression or any mental illness must take appropriate professional help from doctor. people suffering from monetary or business related problems must go to a financial advisor.

Refer to what questions i can ask , so you know what you can ask.


The service is available in all countries (including US,UK ,CANADA ,AUSTRALIA, Dubai, Singapore , Kenya ). you will receive a call from +91(India) number which will connect you with your astrologer

All experts are verified and must have the relevant degree or certification , before they are allowed to sign up on the astroparas platform

No Cheaper astrologers are not less qualifies . they may be less well known , or wish to charge their customer less .

Yes . as long you have balance in your astroparas wallet, you can call an astrologer .

While we have the widest network of astrologer, Tarot reader and numerologist in India on the Astroparas platform , it is possible some experts are not on our platform . if you can send their name and phone number to us , we would be happy to ask them to join us.

Astrologer will read your date of birth , time of birth and location and usually good for time related events . Tarot Reader work on energies and helping you align yourself to your own desires and those around you, numerologist work with number and help decide baby names , business names or other things where the energy of number play role.

Astrologer rating and review is given directly by clients such as yourself. you must leave a rating and review so other now how an astrologer is.

You can pay using any credit card , debit card or mobile wallet

Wallet recharge is the amount of talk-time you wish to pay. you can ask to multiple astrologers with this , depending on your balance.

If you are unable to pay , it is possible that the payment gateway is inactive, or your card is not working. in either case , try another card .

If you have made a payment but it is not reflecting in your account , please drop a mail with a screen shot to for an updation.

and we will help update your balance at the earliest.

In case your balance is not automatically updated , please write us at

In the event you cannot hear , excessive call drop or any other technical issue, a refund to your wallet . you can make another call.

Is there a minimum balance for calling?

Yes , you must have atleast 5 minutes of talk time as per the rate of the astrologer you choose available in your account . e.g.- If the astrologer rate per minute is rs 20, you must have a minimum balance of rs 100 to make a call .similarly , to call an astrologer whose rate per minute is Rs 30, you must have a minimum balance of Rs . 150.

click on " my account "at the button right of the home screen , choose " my consultation and payments " option Check your payment or Consultation in the given tab . click on require entry for more details.

1. You are in a no network zone.

2. Your chosen astrologer is in a no network zone

3. Your chosen astrologer has not received the call at his / her end

There are a number of reasons where you may have made a call request but have not received a call these could be

you will receive the the call the astrologer available so that no charges are deducted in case of unavailability

Please check your phone no. in the My account> My profile section

Please check to see if your balance is over. if yes, simply recharge and continue your call.if not , click on the call button once again and you should be connected

no, there are no phone charges when you speak to an astrologer . these are completely free . you pay ONLY for the consultation.

If you cannot hear the astrologer , please write to and after checking with our audit team , we wil refund money to your wallet, to call again .If you cannot hear the astrologer , please write to and after checking with our audit team , we will refund money to your wallet, to call again .

Due to a network issue , a call sometimes will disconnect . please click on the call button once again , to continue your call.

No astrologer have no access to your phone number or address at any time. if you have shared name , that is all they will know.

No. If you wish to maintain privacy,at no point should you give contact details phone no . or address to an astrologer.

astroparas offers regular promo codes , for discount, cash back or extra talk time . turn updates on, in order to receive regular promo codes . there are also given online.

love and relationship or business as the case may be.

The best way to select an astrologer is to select from the area of expertise you require for .

Then go through their rating and reviews to make a selection that is the best fit with you.