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  • vedic astrology , vastu
  • 35 years
  • Hindi
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Know About Me

K.N. Rao Brahmin family.

K.N.Rao took his Masters in hindi Literature 

He was initiated into astrology by his late father shree  gori shankar, at the age of ten  in 1983. He regards him as the best astrologer he has known in three areas, marriage, children and Prashna (horary).

More interested in games and sports than in astrology in his youth,.. He played ten other games, which is why in his astrological writings also there are references to games often.

His interactions with foreigners have been both on professional and astrological levels for more than two decades which is why he has, as an astrologer, a large international network of friends. He went on doing all his fundamental researches in astrology during his service career because of which, he went on collecting horoscopes systematically in thousands.

He has in his possession more than 68,000 horoscopes with ten important events of each individual noted with him. It is perhaps, the largest individual collection of horoscopes data any astrologer has.

The strain of doing astrology as a mission without charging any fee, almost made him give up astrology many times. But in December 1981, he was forced out of his shell to participate in a three-day seminar on astrology in Delhi. After his ground breaking speech, there has been a persistent demand for his astrological articles. From then onwards he has been sharing with his readers his original researches for which he has won worldwide praise.

Between 2001 and 2005, Rao has visited the USA on five lecture tours..

He was instrumental in starting the Vedic Astrology course in the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi and is the Advisor and senior teacher of Astrology Courses. As on date the Bharatiya Vidya Bhava is rated as the best Vedic Astrology institute and it produces approximately 4000 astrology students every year

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