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We are extremely delighted to introduce before you our team of astrologers. Each of them is qualified in their own arenas of astrology consultations. They are also adorned with several noteworthy achievements. All the astrologers from the house of Astro paras are top-notch astrologers in India and ready to serve every client with utmost precision, personalized attention. Their predictions and suggestions are bound to enlighten your lives and expose those positive dimensions of your life that you were unknown to. The consultation fees of each of the astrologers have been kept nominal for people from every economic stratum to be able to afford their services. Each of the astrologers offers astrology on the phone as well as live astrology consultation.

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The date and month of your birth determine your star sign and zodiac sign says a lot about your life. We offer a free horoscope online for each star sign. Click on the icon of your Rashi below and get to know what luck has in store for you. These predictions have been accurately calculated by our astrologers. Do not remain aloof to your destiny. Without wasting any further time, explore the solutions to your problems according to your astrological sign. Get to know the star signs you are most compatible with and the best profession for you to excel in. Start browsing for your daily horoscope in English, right now


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Online Astrology services


The bucket list of our astrology services is extremely broad. We are always in the pursuit of expanding our service base for clients to experience a seamless astrological journey. Check out the following services that we offer. You can choose any of the services and trust the team of Astroparas to give you the best service. We are not only restrained to the age-old palmistry techniques of astrological predictions, but we also practice a number of other services like tarot card reading for online astrology consultation. Whether it is preparing your Kundli, getting your online horoscope or finding the perfect match for yourself, Astroparas has a service destined for each one of you.

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We have a large base of satisfied clients who are ever ready to share their feedback about our astrology website named Astroparas. Check out the reviews that our trusted clients have shared with us. The only thing that keeps us moving forward and motivates us to work harder every day is client satisfaction. Happy clients with peaceful and progressive lives are our true rewards. Our client base is ever-expanding and accordingly, we are trying hard to reach out to every client at a personal level. These reviews will portray the true picture of how ardent Astroparas is about the happiness of our clients.

Our Blogs


We want to make your life easy with the blessings of astrology. Calm your mind and your life with advice from the best experts. Explore the different corners of astrology with Astroparas.

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