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What Can I Ask

Am i making the right choice breaking up with my partner ?


When will i find my true love ?

Why did my partner break up with me ?

Will i ever be able to take my long distance relationship to next level ?

Do i have any chances of settling abroad ?

How can i achieve more in my job / business ? i am not getting results despite all the hard work i do .


What is better for me, business or job ?

When will i get a job ?

Which area of higher studies should i choose to have a successful career ?

Will i get promotion this year ?

Is this the End of my marriage ? i do not think my partner love me anymore


What dates are best suitable for my wedding ?

When will i get married ?

Will i have a love or arrange marriage ?

Will i marry again ? and when ? i am divorcee

How can i improve my financial situation ? when will i prosper ?


Should i invest in stock market ? will my star support me ?

When is the right time to buy a property /vehicle ?

When will i have my own house ?

When will i pay - off my loan ?

Why can not i save enough money despite having a good income ?

everyday life

how can i improve my relations with my parents/children ?

I am facing losses in my business. should i continue or wait ? How can i take advice from a vastu expert for my office ?


Should i do business or a job ?

what does the dream i saw last night means ? i am terribly anxious about it

what does this month / year hold for me ? what should i expect ?

What kind of business would suit me best ?

What kind of business would suit me best ?