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  • Vedic
  • 15 Years
  • Hindi
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Know About Me

I am Astro Sujit , and I am born and brought up in the Brahmin family at Darbhanga, Bihar. My father is also a Brahmin by profession. I have been working since 2008 as a Vedic astrologer. I worked at Hari Om Media Services Pvt. Ltd. at Delhi till 2018, and after that I established Kashi Jyotish Sansthan at Varanasi. I have expertise in Vedic astrology and I am able to solve everyday life problems, I can guide in Marriage and Horoscope, and I am also experienced in solving love and relationship problems. Many problems in our lives occur because our stars are not favouring us, so I can guide people according to their planetary position. From teenagers to elder people, I have all kinds of people who come to me regularly for various problems in their lives. My followers are spread across Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. I am also having a YouTube channel named ‘Astrologer Sujit Mishra, and I upload various videos on Kalsarpa Yoga, answering people’s queries, Manglik Dosh etc. Sometimes I also guide people to wear Ratna or perform pooja if necessary, by horoscope reading.  There are many people who are having Manglik Dosh and I receive frequent queries from people who have Manglik Dosh. This is one of the most frequent queries that I receive from people. I guide them according to their horoscopes for their better marriage lives.  Astrology is an ancient science and can guide us in many ways. Astrology helps us to make our future better by determining the probability of hurdles that people may face when they perform various tasks, and I am a firm believer that I want to help a maximum number of people with the knowledge I possess. I am on this platform to offer the solution to all kinds of queries.

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