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  • Vedic Astrology
  • 15 years
  • Hindi
  • ₹ 18.00/pc

Know About Me

Shweta Sharma is a vedic astrologer she studied and Jyotish Parveen 

she have been trying to serve the society through astrology since 15 years. She have done astrology in Praveen Jyotish  . She want to serve people . according to Mrs. sharma " Astrology is a science, my aim is to remove the superstition prevalent in the society about astrology. Astrology has been called the eye of the Vedas. Through astrology, we are aware of every aspect of the ups and downs in our life, profit, loss, inadequacy etc. In my view, astrology is a source of human welfare". is a respected name in astrologers fraternity .Her technique of bringing prosperity in the lives of her clients include restoring the balance of vibes in the living spaces. She believes in the mystic qualities of rejuvenating and energising the spaces with effective Vastu Remedies, which will directly impact the chakras of the beings residing there. Thus surrounding them with positivity, joy increases their productivity and negates all evil eye that had infected them

Her expertise in child birth, health, financial issues, love, marriage, partnership, job, business, occupation, fortune, going abroad, property.

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