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15 vastu shastra tips for healthy and wealthy life in 2020
  • 2020-07-21 07:44:45
  • By - Deepak Shastri

15 vastu shastra tips for healthy and wealthy life in 2020


Vastu is the ancient science of sacred architecture. This science has its holy roots in India. Later it migrated to various parts of the world. Today, the practice of Vastu sastra tips is one of the most trending topics in the field of aesthetic architecture.

Application of basic Vastu Shastra in your home can balance the energy profile of your residence. This will not only improve the living standard of the family but also bring good luck. A house or office built according to Vastu can demolish financial crisis or health problems.

The theories and ideas of Vastu consider the home or workplace as a complete living soul. Hence, the dimensions of universality, happiness, and energy are the key factors of Vastu. The ultimate goal of Vastu is to positively influence the life and mind of living beings.

There are multiple domains of Vastu right from ground measurement to placement of furniture. The concept of Vastu is based partially on climatology and partially on directional energy alignment. There is no fiction in Vastu. With deeper insight, you shall understand how logical and scientific Vastu is. It is a perfect amalgamation of science, religious belief, faith, and astrology.

Here are the top 15 Vastu tips that you can follow to ensure good health and wealth in the year 2020

1. Entrance anatomy for positive energy

The entrance to your house is undoubtedly the most important location of the entire house. According to traditional Vastu shastra, it is the place of inflow and outflow of energy. The whole energy profile of your house depends a lot on the design of your entrance.

These easy Vastu tips regarding entrance can be followed

1. The main door should always open towards the inner side which will let the energy come in.
2. The hinges of the door should operate noiselessly. To ensure this, practice regular oiling of the doors and hinges.
3. The east or north direction is best suited for entrance.
4. Make sure that you do not place any shoe rack at the entrance. This blocks positive energy.
5. Wood is often considered the best material for an entrance door

2. Bedroom design for ensuring good health

The next most important place in the house is the bedroom. Keeping the bedroom minimal is the target. Cluttering bedroom blocks the passage of energy. The southwest is the perfect direction for the bedroom. Here are some bedroom oriented vastu tips for good health:-

1. The placing of the bed at the corner should be avoided.
2. If you have ailing health, you should place your head towards the southern direction while sleep.
3. Do not place a mirror in front of the bed as it is ominous to see one’s reflection while sleep.
4. Try to keep the bedroom gadget-free. The environment of the bedroom should be conducive to sleep.
5. For those who have cardiac arrhythmia, plant some gerbera in the bedroom. It helps in cleaning the air.
6. Bedrooms should have adequate windows to facilitate the circulation of free air

3. Paint the walls according to Vastu

Wall colors can influence the energy of both house and office in a significant way.

1. For the bedrooms, pink, light yellow, lemon green are good colors. These promote harmony and mutual respect.
2. For the office rooms or shops, a cream or ivory colored wall is the most ideal one. This clor stands for ambition and respect towards work. Painting the walls ivory also allows light to get reflected properly. Appropriate illumination is good for the progress of any business
3. For the locker room in your home or office, you can choose a magenta color for the walls. Magenta or purple color signifies wealth and prosperity. It is believed to bring good monetary luck. In the shops, the area around the cash box can be painted purple.

4. Remodel your kitchen to get the blessings of prosperity and good health

The kitchen is the soul of the house. It is the most sacred place in the house. The food cooked in the kitchen regulates the health of all the members of the family. Here are a few easy Vastu tips for the kitchen.

1. The appropriate direction for the kitchen in the northeast because this is the direction of Agni.
2. The appliances which include heat like microwave, toasters, grills, electric kettles must be places on the southeast direction
3. The extra grocery and stock of grains must always be stored in the southeast direction
4. Try to incorporate some north-facing windows in the kitchen for easy energy flow
5. While painting the kitchen, colors like black should be avoided. Instead, you must choose vibrant hues like rose or green or yellow.
6. The one major tip for kitchen planning is to place the sink and stove in opposite lines.
7. This brings around a fine-tuning of energy and balances the element of fire and water.

5. Vastu of air and energy flow

The reason why Vastu emphasizes so much on inlets and outlets is to endure the constant flow of energy. The doors and windows are your connection with the outside. You must always incorporate glass windows and glass pane dors at your house. This will help to be in connection with the rest of the world. Cleaning the glasses daily to prevent any obscurity in vision is a mandate. You can also create small gardens outside the windows to facilitate a green view always.

6. Vastu of paintings

According to Vastu shastra, if you want to ensure the steady passage of wealth in your house then pay heed to the paintings. Paintings of a ship or flowing river are believed to bring monetary fortune. Paintings of love birds in a couple’s bedroom strengthens bonds. At the same time avoid the painting of any devil or dark creatures like a snake in your room.

7. Invite your luck for money with Vastu

If your financial luck is not in a good mood, then try to get an aquarium for your house. There is a constant flow of air and water in the aquarium. This flow parallel influences the flow of energy in the house. Maintaining the aquarium and healthy living fishes in it is a great Vastu shastra tip for money. Any sick fish, dirty water, or unclean environment within the environment could bring bad luck very fast in your life. Make sure that you place the aquarium in the northeast corner of the house.

8. Impeccable Vastu tips for health

Vastu implies to healthy living and healthy living includes damage repair. Removing all broken gadgets and stuff from the house is the first Vastu tips for good health. Also repairing, leaky taps, and faucets is necessary. Broken mirrors, nonfunctional watches should be immediately removed as they invite negative energy into your house. Dysfunctional thigs occupy a lot of space and energy which is extremely bad for the health.

9. Authentic Vastu tips for wealth

For inviting wealth in the house, you can follow a trio of Vastu shastra tips for money. The first is to place a mirror in front of the main cash box of the house. This creates the image of the money being doubled every time you open the locker. Second, place a flute in your house. The constant passage of air through the holes of the flute creates energy flow. Thirdly, place a bird feeder in the northwest direction of the house. This helps a lot in attracting money.

10. Vastu for study room

The study room should be in the northeast direction. The study table should be always east facing. Make sure there is no mirror in the study room because that will give an image of doubled study pressure. For better concentration always place hematite on the study table. According to Vastu shastra, the lamp or light source for the study room must be in the southwest direction. This brings a lot of positive energy in the room. The study room should never be in the vicinity of the bathroom.

11. Ensure family harmony with proper Vastu

Vastu also plays an important role in determining the relationships between family members. If there is constant disharmony between family members, you must try putting family pictures all around to make people remember their happy time. Placing any statue made of white sandalwood is a great way to calm minds. If you have a big space at home, try planting a kadamba tree. It reduces disagreements. Wind chimes area supreme boost for harmony and peace. Place it in any part of the bedroom to improve relations.

12. The prosperity of the shop by Vastu

Placing an idol of Ganesha that faces the main entrance is auspicious. If you are facing financial problems, then try placing an idol of Kuber or Laxmi. These two Vastu tips for shop have proven results. They have been used for ages and have the most formidable positive impact on the business growth of your shop.

13. Vastu for the central location

The living room should contain as least furniture as possible. Cluttering the central areas of the room or the central courtyard of the house is going to block the energy. This is the central Vastu tip for wealth and happiness.

14. Vastu advise for office

The placement of fire elements in your office is extremely important. Follow these primary Vastu tips for office to witness a growth in professional life

1. Make sure to create a harmonious balance between the five elements in each direction. Placing candles, diyas, incense sticks at the northwest or southeast direction id especially helpful
2. Never let unused files or documents stack in your office shelves or drawers. These clog the energy and creates a barrier for the inflow of fresh positivity
3. Pay special importance to the corners of your office room. No cobweb should be allowed to accumulate there. This is considered a bad business omen. 4. Try to make the office spacious for the easy circulation of the Vastu elements like light and air.

15. Vastu and plants

When it comes to plants, there can be a lot of options. But the primary one is not to place any cactus plant inside the house. This invites negative energy in the house. For anticipating good health, citrus plants can be placed near the entrance. Placing a tulsi plant at home is always auspicious. You can also get along with the lucky bamboo or money plants if you want to follow Vastu tips for money.


Vastu has a gigantic role to play in the health and wealth of a person. It can either fill your life with happiness or bring the shadows of bad luck on you. Endorse the brilliant effects of Vastu in your life.

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