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COVID 19 Crisis:- How Vedic Astrology can Help to Overcome your Business Challenges
  • 2020-07-28 09:47:28
  • By - Deepak Shastri

COVID 19 Crisis:- How Vedic Astrology can Help to Overcome your Business Challenges


COVID 19 has shown the world a scenario that no one witnessed ever before. Every aspect of living is hampered. In this pandemic situation, Vedic astrology is the positive ray of hope for us.

But amidst all these, the crisis of the business world is the most severe. With falling shares, diminished demands, and poor sales, all the firms are at their worst. The whole of the global economy is literally in the trash. But, we must hold our heads up and hope for a brighter future.

If you are one of those businessmen who is struck by the blows of COVID 19 impacts, then this article is just the right stuff for you. The sales have touched the grounds, and the profit column is nil. At times of such crisis, Vedic astrology is the one thing that can help you out.

Taking a business to the peak of success is not an easy job. It takes a lot of time and effort to make your business stand out in the crowd and achieve profits. But even after years of dedicated hard work, people are not satisfied with their position. At these times, Vedic astrology can help a lot.

What is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic astrology is the traditional Indian Astro domain. It originated in India and is now a global sensation. It is a branch of spiritual science. Astrologers can predict the influences of celestial bodies on your life through Vedic astrology. It has been practiced for a long time in India. When it comes to business, Vedic astrology has a massive role to play in turning the tables. Astrology can improve your business growth.

When the Vedic astrology methods are used to study your birth chart, astrologers can easily predict the oncoming obstacles in your life. In this way, it can help you to predict future challenges and be prepared for it. Be it reducing the damage in business or pulling out the company from the miserable state, Vedic horoscope is a real savior.

Vedic astrology is used to predict the appropriateness of a business for an individual. Financial stability is essential in every person’s life. If you can find ways to tackle this economic crisis in the times of COVID, then what can be better than that? Let us first have a look at the astrology techniques of Vedic astrology. 

How Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Determines your Business Fate?

The 2nd house, 7th, and 10th houses are the ones that are determinants of your business success. According to Vedic astrology, the condition of these houses can predict everything about your business success. The study of the Vedic astrology birth chart can help to have a closer look at these houses. If the planetary influences on these houses are positive, then your business luck is going to shine. At the same time, the coordination between the 2nd house and the other two houses is essential for business growth.

Mercury is the primary planet ruler for the business houses in your  Vedic Indian horoscope. The influence of mercury on your birth chart will give you a good idea about how your financial growth will be. The 2nd house is sturdy for people who excel in business at an early age. These rules usually abide by solo business ventures.

When it comes to partnership businesses, the 7th house has a more significant role to play. The kind of energy that the moon and Jupiter exert on the 7th house entirely speaks for your success in the partnership ventures the existence of malicious influence on the 11th house of your Vedic birth chart brings about failure in business ventures. Similarly, the coordination between the 11th house and the other houses is the determinant of the time of business success.

So, you can well understand how complicated the Vedic astrology signs are. Some planets and their energy vibes on your natal chart can exert such a substantial impact on your growth of the business. Apart from these, the nature of business has a significant role to play in the success of an individual. Not everyone can succeed in the same business type. For example, if you have mercury in 2nd house and the 4th house in favor of it, then you can succeed in the real estate business.

Now, individuals can’t do an assessment all by themselves. Ordinary people have no idea about the intricacies of Vedic astrology predictions. So, if you want to have a correct analysis of your birth chart for the scope of a business, Astroparas is what you need.

We prepare an up to date Vedic chart for business based on the Indian zodiac sign date. The affordability of these services is impressive. Everyone can avail of these services and invite the boon of Vedic astrology in their lives. It will enlighten the fate of your business and your life. If you want to shed away worries, then Vedic astrology suggestions from our astrologers are what you need. Have you checked out our talk with astrologer section? if not,  then hurry up.

COVID 19 Challenges on Business

COVID 19 has changed the ways of business. The shifting paradigms in the field of business at these times have shaken the very foundation of the economic lifeline. Every business person is at stress. The best way to get out of this anxiety is to consult an expert astrologer. Vedic astrology chart has immensely proven its worth from time to time, especially in the field of business.

If you still want to carry out business at the times of COVID, you do need a bit of expert advice. Astroparas is ever ready to help clients reach the epitome of business success through Vedic astrology chart interpretation. Get premium business astrology reports from our astrologers. Also, know what the best time for you to invest in the business is.

You can also obtain details as to what business you should carry out to escape the loos incurred by COVID 19. Many people are even thinking of shifting their business lines for growth and prosperity. Through Vedic astrology advice from our experts, know whether this will be fruitful for you or not in such a crisis period.

Easy Vedic Astrology Tips for Business Growth

Here are a few quick Vedic astrology tips that you can follow for substantial progress in the business at such a crisis period-

  1. Place an image or small figure of an owl in your locker room or business cash box. The owl is a promising figure when it comes to business prosperity.

  2. Your doom in business could be a result of negligence regarding cleanliness. The positive influence of planets and divine blessings can never remain in a dirty place. So make it a habit to clean the workspace every single day and sprinkle some holy water at the entrance. Also, make sure there are no cobwebs in the office because they attract bad energy.

  3. If you are facing prolonged business ordeals, then try lighting a Diya with ghee on every Thursday evening. The positivity of light attracts good fortune. It also creates a positive vibe for your Rashi chart.

  4. Placing a Swastik symbol in the workplace is very promising.

  5. A few elements, like crystals and sea salt, have immense power of negative energy absorption. If you cannot concentrate on your wok or feel that there are negative influences on your business, try these out. Place a bowl of sea salt precisely at the place of accounts. Replace the salt every week. If you are unable to focus on work, try placing a Citrine or Pyrite on the work desk.

    They bring the concentration back and have the power to increase ambitiousness. For better results from crystals, you need to wash them under running water after the use of every seven days. This process is called re-energizing the crystals. It improves the life and functionality of the crystals.


We have a team of top-notch astrologers who have years of experience in the field of Indian Astro sciences. We also have the provision of premium wealth report preparation. Also, if you are anxious about your success in the financial aspect, make sure you opt for the chat sessions with our astrologers.

You shall be astonished to know about the aura of Vedic astrology. Many people consider it as an imperfect traditional technique. But that is not the truth. The field of Vedic astrology has been adorned with multiple modern Vedic astrology tools and techniques. The new reformations are as potent as the old one, with greater acceptance for the masses.

Astroparas is a pioneer in the field of Vedic astrology. We are working ardently to re-establish the faith of people on this fantastic genre of Vedic astrology. All you have to do is place your trust upon us and book your dates. The business has a lot to do with luck. Are you ready to try out yours?


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